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The “Cukierki Reklamowe Konstancja Dołęga-Dołęgowska” Company (The Konstancja Dołęga-Dołęgowska Advertising Candies) was established In 1990. Thea im of setting up the company was the implementation of an innovative idea of placing advertisements of companies on cream fudge wrappings. 20 years of the companys presence on the market proved that the idea was excellent. Customers were becoming more and more interested in such a form of advertising. Taking care of the highest quality of our cream fudge we use only the finest ingredients, with no preservatives. The entire production process is based on a time-honoured recipe dating back to 1921 and it is carried out with a traditional method.

If you make a decision to co-operate with us you can be sure that your company image will be presented in an effective way and the cream fudge will suit your taste, meeting your highest requirements. The companies which put their faith in us can serve as a proof of our stable market position and the top quality of our products.

Make use of our offer.

Konstancja Dołęga-Dołęgowska


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